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Montreal custom Warehouse Management System development and design

Warehouse management systems (WMS) are rapidly becoming an essential tool to automate common warehousing practices and increase supply chain efficiency. Companies handling medium to large inventories need technology to help them manage different stages from production to reception to customer deliveries. These applications can range from managing inventory, picking and packing orders, and receiving products from suppliers, to quality control and dashboards for real-time monitoring.

Cloud Horizon is a Montreal based software development studio with expertise in design, development and implementation of warehouse management systems. Our specialists take the time to define the scope of your business goals by learning about your supply chain and working with you to develop a WMS designed to fit your business needs. Based on our analysis, we will consult you on best practices and the latest technologies suited for your operations.

Based on our full assessment of your needs, Cloud Horizon will customize and implement a complete end-to-end solution for inventory management with real time monitoring, refined reporting tools, track and trace and efficient automated operational processes. In addition, we offer ecommerce development services to carry out online client orders and process payments whose information is directly transmitted to your WMS.

We put a lot of emphasis on being at the forefront of all the latest warehousing trends and technologies in order to offer our clients the most up to date solutions.

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A well designed WMS allows you to reduce costs on training employees, managing inventory, fulfilling orders and monitoring daily operations. Cloud Horizon helps you overcome visibility and traceability issues, improve picking accuracy and avoid losses due to shipping and delivery issues. With detailed up to date information, our solutions enable you to clearly identify areas in need of improvement to avoid blockage or waste. We take a genuine interest in your practices in order to create efficiency for your supply chain using technologies that will always have you at the forefront of your industry warehouse management, warehouse management systems, inventory management, warehouse management solutions, supply chain management, inventory management

Our Warehouse Management System services include

  • Inventory management Applications
  • RFID-based inventory tracking
  • Receiving Applications
  • Putaway Applications
  • Picking and packing Applications
  • Cycle count and quality assurance Applications
  • Transportation management systems
  • Custom Dashboards and Analytics

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