Oh no, yet another career page template.

Instead of simply telling you we want to hire you because of your skills and what you can get from us…

We're probably going to sell you a standard Linkedin hustle-post with 🦄 and 🍬.

Read on.
Life-changing info below.

Here goes a motivational IT story

A dedicated, committed, agile company wants to hire you to work on cutting-edge technologies with world-class clients and fly to the Moon yadah yadah…

We even made a super-motivational video that includes table tennis, plumbers, alcohol, and…

Well, see it for yourself.

Our HR told us to write down our core values

We like puns and cheesy jokes.
No standup comedians here tho.

We'll help you code, learn, build a new barbecue grill...

We make sure we get the job done… And still have fun.

No extreme pressure
Perhaps if we go scuba diving.
But at your workplace - nope.

We all have ups and downs.
You'll always have our support.

We need a normal superhero, obviously.

You're polite and down to earth.
You love stability in life.
You're OK with processes and organization.
Tech stack: JavaScript, .NET, Java, PHP, Android/iOS

See our projects See our clients

We know many companies have been asking you to do this

But come work with us.

Everything is completely negotiable - benefits, remote work, salary, Slack memes... 🐈

Oh, and feel free to apply even if you don't work with our tech stack. We often have inquiries for projects we need an additional pair of hands (and programming languages) for.

Send your resume and a little bit about yourself to careers@cloudhorizon.com